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Mimco Iphone Case 8 Plus

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Mimco 12 Pro Max Phone Case

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  • Mimco Phone Cases are a must-have for any fashionista. With a wide variety of styles and designs, you can find the perfect case to match your needs. Mimco is an Australian fashion brand that offers affordable accessories for women, men and kids. The company was founded in 2001 by Heather Moriarty and has since become a household name within Australia.

    The Mimco phone case collection features a range of cases for smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google and LG. Their designs are on trend with the latest fashion trends while also being functional and durable.

    Buying a phone case is easy, but choosing the perfect one for you can be tricky. So here are some handy tips to help you on your way:


    There are three main materials used in creating phone cases: plastic, leather and silicone. Plastic cases are the cheapest option but they can be prone to cracking if you drop your phone or scratch easily with keys or coins in your pocket. Silicone cases are more expensive but offer more protection against drops than their plastic counterparts and are also less likely to scratch up easily. Leather cases offer great protection against drops but can cost more than other options due to their high quality materials and craftsmanship required to create them.

    Check what materials the phone case is made from. A lot of cases are now made from leather, but there are still some that are made from plastic or other synthetic materials. These types of cases will offer different benefits and drawbacks, so do your research before making a purchase.

    Think about how you use your phone and what sort of protection you need. Some people might prefer a slim case that doesn't add much bulk or weight to their phones, while others might want something that provides more protection against drops and scratches. And there are also those who just like their phone cases to look good!

    What kind of case do I want?

    You can choose from a number of different styles including hard plastic cases, flexible gel cases, leather and silicone cases. There are also some very cool glittery cases that come in all sorts of colours and designs.

    What size of case do I need?

    Different phones have different sizes, so you'll need to make sure your case fits with your phone model. If you're not sure what size you need, check out our guide on measuring your phone case dimensions here.

    What colour will suit me?

    There are loads of colours available in all different styles. You can choose from pastel pinks and purples or go for something more neutral like black or white if you're looking for something more understated. It just depends on what kind of look you're going for!

    The first step is finding your phone brand and model. If you don't know what type of phone you have, check out our handy guide here. Once you've done that, choose from one of our most popular styles below:

    For iPhone

    You've got an iPhone 8/9/X or 11/12/13? You're in luck! We have a wide range of cases for these phones including hard shell cases and silicone skins. For those who prefer a softer feel on their phone there are also options available such as our soft-touch silicone case with a gold chain shoulder strap or our gold logo embossed leather wallet case with card slots and a snap closure.

    For Samsung

    You've got an S10 or S11? Great news! We've got lots of options for you too - including soft touch silicone skin cases with glitter stars or lace trim detailing as well as hard shell cases with crystals on the back (and even more bling!).

    • Compatible Model
    • Not specified177
    • For Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max115
    • For Apple iPhone XS Max113
    • For Apple iPhone 1282
    • For Apple iPhone 12 Pro81
    • For Apple iPhone 1170
    • For Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max61
    • For Apple iPhone 6 Plus50
    • For Apple iPhone 7 Plus48
    • For Apple iPhone 8 Plus48
    • For Apple iPhone 12 mini33
    • For Apple iPhone XS28
    • For Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max27
    • For Apple iPhone 827
    • For Apple iPhone 11 Pro24
    • For Apple iPhone X23
    • For Apple iPhone 623
    • For Apple iPhone 6s Plus22
    • For Apple iPhone 6s22
    • For Samsung Galaxy S9+21
    • For Apple iPhone 721
    • For Apple iPhone XR19
    • For Apple iPhone 13 Pro17
    • For Samsung Galaxy S20+14
    • For Apple iPhone 1314
    • For Samsung Galaxy S2012
    • For Samsung Galaxy Note10+9
    • For Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G9
    • For Samsung Galaxy S20 5G9
    • For Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G9
    • Universal9
    • For Samsung Galaxy Note10 5G9
    • For Samsung Galaxy S97
    • For Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G3
    • For Apple iPhone 52
    • For Samsung Galaxy S21 5G1
    • For Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G1
    • For Apple iPhone 7s1
    • For Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G1
    • Type
    • Flip Case329
    • Not specified95
    • Hard Cover94
    • Back Case87
    • Fitted Case/Skin76
    • Wallet Case37
    • Hard30
    • Bag10
    • Bumper1
    • Band1
    • Crossbody Case1
    • Smart Cover1
    • Colour
    • Black281
    • Not specified210
    • Multicoloured68
    • Pink52
    • Gold46
    • Green28
    • Grey19
    • Blue17
    • Purple17
    • Beige9
    • White7
    • Silver7
    • Brown2
    • Clear1
    • Compatible Brand
    • For Apple498
    • Not specified219
    • For Samsung67
    • Universal4
    • Material
    • Not specified356
    • Leather304
    • Silicone/Gel/Rubber41
    • Plastic26
    • Synthetic Leather19
    • Faux Leather8
    • Polyester5
    • Acrylic2
    • TPU1
    • Metal1
    • Design/Finish
    • Not specified419
    • Matt171
    • Glossy138
    • Glitter98
    • Logo88
    • Luxury44
    • Metallic40
    • Floral20
    • Slim19
    • Jewelled13
    • Thin Fit5
    • Fabric4
    • Patterned4
    • Diamond Case4
    • Hybrid2
    • Liquid Glitter2
    • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)2
    • Folio1
    • Plain1
    • Transparent1
    • Character
    • Max364
    • Not specified345
    • Pouch38
    • Blue10
    • Electro9
    • heavy-duty8
    • Magenta6
    • Silver6
    • Addy4
    • Scratch1
    • Features
    • Not specified572
    • Card Pocket170
    • Magnetic36
    • Glitter18
    • Lightweight11
    • Full Coverage11
    • Flexible5
    • Matte/Anti-Glare5
    • Flat4
    • Glossy4
    • Heavy Duty4
    • Holder3
    • Non-Slip3
    • Storage Compartment2
    • Washable2
    • UV Sanitization2
    • Anti-Shatter2
    • Rugged2
    • Liquid Glitter2
    • Dual Layer2
    • 9H Hardness2
    • Accessible Controls2
    • Case Friendly1
    • Retractable1
    • Ring1
    • Tinted1
    • With Belt Loop1
    • Character Family
    • Not specified723
    • Free!31
    • Supernatural7
    • Eternals1
    • Twilight1
    • Brand
    • Mimco760
    • Samsung1
    • Not specified1
    • Items Included
    • Not specified407
    • Hard Case349
    • Strap4
    • Sleeve/Pouch2
    • Armband1
    • Protective Skin1